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Book a Play Session with Al Skary Fulfill Your Fantasies with the Dominant Top Goddex of Your Dreams

Want to play with Alice "Al" Skary?

Alice Skary is a nonbinary BDSM/fetish entertainer who identifies as a Dominant top. They genuinely enjoy spending unhurried time facilitating authentic fantasy scenarios with private playmates who have unique fetish needs. 

A lucky submissive could find themselves a nonbinary Goddex to worship and adore or a strong Daddy to take charge of them. An ABDL admirer could find themselves a nurturing caretaker or a stern disciplinarian. A respectful fetishist could find a top who will provide for their fetishes without judgment. And anyone seeking a less hands-on sort of companionship could find a friend or date to escort them politely to events or private retreats. With chemistry, a unique dynamic that suits you can form.

While such fantasies can be prohibitively expensive for some, your Goddex allows some to donate their time on video in exchange for a very reduced booking. Do not hesitate to approach and explore.

Specialties include: Role play, age play, gender exploration, body transformation, hucow training, needle play, staples, medical play, enema & other medical play, Serious Kit & fucking machine play,  fistfucking & extreme size queen training, strap on play & erotic prostate massage… and much more.

Limits include, but are not limited to:  Urethral play, bottoming in any capacity, anything immoral such as non-consenting parties, or involvement or harming of animals or minors.

Ready for a top that can really handle you? 

STEP 1 OF 2:  

Send your application/screening fee (non refundable). US $100 in cryptocurrency Tether to: 36y2Ar2EiEatsbeoXP6AUrF1V6tz7d9d1L

How to buy Tether using KrakenCoinbase

STEP 2 OF 2:

Write with a screencap showing proof of sending or your transaction ID of Tether and await the response, which will be an introductory questionnaire and a service price list.

Want to just chat? Text: 1-202-933-9224 for a private conversation any time.

Only Accepting Tether for Play Sessions!

Play sessions can currently only be purchased via the cryptocurrency Tether, please be prepared to purchase cryptocurrency to book a session.

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